Convincing performance – in the details and overall. 

Overall responsibility: At Bauser, universal service begins at the very start of a project. Customers are looked after by a central contact partner from the word go. Because Bauser is a developer, a manufacturer and a partner all rolled into one. After construction and simulation, quality in the processing chain continues seamlessly.  
Construction: Component design with numerous options. The shape and design of the formed component can be done by Bauser, by the customer or by both together. This creates the basis for effective weight optimization, optimal functioning, high failsafe performance and faster, more economically efficient series start-up.  
Simulation: Transparency is tops. The component and the tool are simulated as a unit. The analysis of pressure loss, friction and heat build-up provides valuable information. The highlights here are KISSsoft, Moldflow and 3D-Print.  
Tool construction: For the perfect shape. Milling and grinding, welding and electrical discharge machining – around the clock in state-of-the-art production cells.  
Production: Made in Wehingen. With around 80 injection-molding machines manufactured by renowned companies and more than 35 multi-axis robots, production takes place consistently and completely in-house.  
Logistics: everything is taken care of worldwide. On request the components are shipped internationally. Separate KLT storage is also available.