Material substitution:
new potential for the plastic gearwheel. 

Plastics are corrosion-free, they offer benefits in terms of their weight and price – and also have special potential where shaping is concerned.

For very good reasons, plastics are becoming more important all the time as basic materials for cogs, precision components and housings. The key term here is material substitution. And parallel to this development, hybrid technology is playing an increasingly important role.

With Bauser you have countless new opportunities available to you. On the one hand these are innovative areas of application, e.g. based on reinforced, glide-modified or high-performance plastics.

On the other hand Bauser supports you with high flexibility plus consistent solution orientation and creativity, also with regard to new material properties and functionalities.

Our own test bench especially designed for plastic gears under high mechanical and thermal loads and, not least of all, our cooperation with leading institutes and universities will soon be generating additional synergies.