Sensitive control and quiet operation:
Bauser for medical technology. 

As prosperity increases, so does the importance of medical technology worldwide. New operating techniques are steadily being developed – as are all kinds of medical appliances based on gears. Solely due to their economic efficiency, plastic gears enjoy numerous advantages over metal.

This is where Bauser comes in. With pit Plastic gearwheels and gearing components, technical components, worm gear components and plastic housings for the most diverse applications in medical technology.

The amount of untapped potential is still vast: the company has development partnerships in place with leading plastic granulate producers, driving further development and innovation in the plastics sector.


Handgrips and forceps: clear parameters, precisely implemented.

Even simple technical components like handgrips or forceps made from plastic are in good hands at Bauser. Component weights of 0.05 to 100 g and diameters from 2 mm to 120 mm are all covered. For instance, Bauser manufactures simple spring lids – in large numbers and with the shortest of throughput times. Companies in the medical technology sector are supported across the full length of the processing chain. Bauser designs and simulates according to customers' individual requirements, has its own tool production, manufactured everything in-house and also offers tailored logistics including KLT storage.


Components for magnetic probes: Maximum complexity with minimum dimensions.

These plastic components for magnetic probes reveal a wealth of fascinating details within the smallest of spaces. Instead of gold, the coating is made from innovative antimony. During production the components are first inlaid semi-automatically and then molded.


Components for mobile inhalers: complete functional systems.

With mouthpieces, housings, pushbuttons and bases for mobile inhalers, every drill hole has to be absolutely precise and all the surfaces have to be thoroughly clean. Bauser produces all the components required for this complex overall system. The company also offers reliable assembly of componentry – and this is carried out with great economic efficiency at its location in Kalisz, Poland.


High-precision casings.

For decades now, Bauser has very successfully produced casings, screw-caps and insulation components for electrosurgical instruments. All components are connected to each other via ultrasonic welding before the finished tool is put into operation in clinics or surgeries.


Impressive study: The quietest electric toothbrush in the world

Bauser is also excellently placed on the interface between medical technology and further sectors. A few years ago the company presented a concept for the world's quietest electric toothbrush.


Rib spreaders: perfect injection-molding technology

The production of rib spreaders, or rib retractors, places very special demands on injection-molding tools. On the one hand it had to be borne in mind that the high-tech plastic PEEK could only be injected with difficulty, while on the other the tools had to be designed in such a way that the rib spreader consisted of as few individual components as possible, for reasons of standardization and economic efficiency. In close cooperation with the provider, an entirely satisfactory and very impressive solution was reached.