Bauser and Dzick – the new "dream team" for optimized plastic gearing 

Synergy effects for higher product quality:
New team for optimized plastic gears

Plastic is becoming increasingly popular for gear solutions of all kinds. Wherever weight savings and corrosion resistance are in demand, modern plastic gears are gradually replacing the older metallic-material solutions. The cost structure per workpiece and the demands for additional functionality to reduce assembly expenditure are further arguments clearly in favor of the production of gear parts via injection-molding.


Bauser and Dzick – The New "Dream Team" for Optimized Plastic Gears

Low noise, functionality, efficiency, tolerances, minimal play and maintenance-friendliness are further requirements that makers of conventional gear solutions are having to struggle with just as much as plastic specialists. Implementing these requirements perfectly depends on the material used, and optimization is required before production. The complexity of the requirements and their interplay also makes it clear at the same time that the quality of gear parts is highly demanding, not only where design but also manufacture and series production are concerned. As a manufacturer of high-precision plastic parts, the firm of Werner Bauser GmbH in Wehingen is fulfilling these increasing demands, and offers an optimization service that sets new standards.


Designers design and manufacturers produce – that basically sums up the conventional, classic role distribution. Not to say that these two poles have not had contact in the past, but deep and systematic cooperation between designers and producers on the one hand and customers on the other is still something that those familiar with the scene would consider highly unlikely. At Werner Bauser GmbH this has already become reality. Together with Uwe Dzick, pupil of the legendary gear crack Helmut Hirn, Werner Bauser GmbH has realized an intensive link between design and production know-how. The objective here is to manufacture optimized gear components with even better overall characteristics, especially with regard to smooth running, low wear, high efficiency and durability.

This is not a specialized optimization service that only makes functional and production-technological optimum possible. Intensive support for the customer's designers, who naturally cannot – and need not – be totally familiar with the specific design demands of plastic gears, guarantees that the customer receives optimized subassemblies and workpieces that represent a maximum with regard to design and production technology.

The objective is a perfect interplay between development and production chain. Within the design parameters the optimal design is established in several stages, with the help of Bauser's production know-how and the design know-how of Uwe Dzick. This does not focus on a DIN, norm-based solution but on a customized solution, with specialized gearing optimized according to performance specifications. Implementation follows a zero-error production concept that we elaborate together with the customer:

  • Specific design of geometry and optimization of tooth form
  • Implementation of special profiles in optimized tools by Bauser's own tool production center
  • High-precision measuring of the first outfall parts on 3D coordinate measuring machines
  • Variance comparison of tooth contours in µ range
  • Redesign of tools, if necessary
  • Renewed measurement and variance comparison of first sample parts, plus comprehensive documentation of them
  • Our own series production and highly effective series monitoring (DIN ISO 9002) with high vertical integration

This hand-in-hand procedure guarantees an above-average high standard in product quality, which in turn is based on a sophisticated system for the production sequence. The installations for tool construction and comprehensive measuring technology at Bauser provide a favorable framework for high-end quality.


For Michael Bauser, the head of the 170-employee family firm in Wehingen that has gained an outstanding reputation over the past decades as a manufacturer of gear components and subassemblies, the objective is clear: with their integrational way of working, the South German gearing duo are going to set new standards in the up-to-date optimization of plastic gearing solutions. Uwe Dzick is predestined for this task in many ways – not only was he a student of Germany's "gearing pope", whose publications are still regarded as a gearing construction bible in expert circles, he has also had a very close relationship with the practical side of the business for many years. A further refined layout and calculation method plus many years of successful practice in design and construction have made him a well-known and indispensable contact in the business wherever especially challenging tasks for the optimization of gearing solutions are involved.


Production design that really does produce high-end, and at competitive prices - Michael Bauser and Uwe Dzick have set themselves an ambitious objective. Innovative work-forms combined with immediate customer benefits: with their initiative, the two men have joined the select ranks of those who work steadily towards new concepts in their own special sectors.

The trend towards supplier concentration that will completely change the entire subcontracting industry from the bottom up over the years to come may have been a further reason why the two dynamic Swabians decided to combine their activities. In that respect they could be an interesting model for further medium-sized firms looking for new horizontal and/or vertical forms of cooperation.

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